Spotify Skipping via DAC

Spotify Skipping via DAC

I know there are many threads on this issue, but mine is strangly specific and I haven't been able to find a soultion yet.


I have a Samsung S6 and have it connected via USB to a Sony DAC.  When I do this the music in Spotify starts skipping/stuttering.  This seems to only be a problem with this specific set up.  I have tried the following setups, but have been unable to replicate the problem:

  1. Playing Spotify over the phone speaker or 3.5 mm headphone jack
  2. Playing Spotify on my laptop via the DAC
  3. Playing music on my phone from YouTube and via the DAC

So it looks like skipping only occurs with the specific combination of the S6, Spotify and DAC??


This is what I have tried so far with no luck:

  1. Changing the display settings from Adaptive to AMOLED cinema
  2. Turning off crossfade and gapless audio
  3. Downloading tracks onto the phone
  4. Completely reinstalling Spotify

No luck with any of these solutions.  Are there any other suggestions?

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