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I don't think I'm alone here when I say I am saddened by Spotify's level of customer service. Yes, you have fine staff who write and communicate on the boards, albeit they don't (from what I've seen) tend to have much to say for support beyond: clear cache, uninstall, and reinstall. Or possibly a vague "we're looking into it."

That is not customer service - that is appeasement. Now, I know its difficult rolling out an update to an app that runs on dozens of different phone models. But the "your phone is not supported" feels like a canned response, as well as the easy way out, when your phone is a flagship release. I don't think any of us are looking for overnight fixes, or complete overhalls - I am willing to live with a bug or two. But when the last update to your product was in November, and introduced a major bug - and there has been very little openly said about another release - THAT is poor customer service. When we pay extra every month to use Spotify on a phone, and our problems aren't addressed, that is what makes people upset.

Spotify went from something I was very excited about, to something I have a hard time recommending to people. I really want to like it, but the fundamental flaw of having zero transparency on the problems of your Android software and the aloofness of responses has driven customers away from you. I myself have been reconsidering continuing my subscription, because these gripes still don't appear to be addressed. I know you are a young company with a fresh product, and there are growing pains - but congratulations, you've become one of the world class providers of media.

We just want a level of support that is befitting of one.
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