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Spotify adding songs to 'Liked Songs' playlist that I didn't 'like'

Spotify adding songs to 'Liked Songs' playlist that I didn't 'like'

I am using Premium. I have not found the exact issue, just round abouts and from 2017 and older. So the solutions don't help me.

Samsung Galaxay S9

Android Pie

App version


* I listen to specific artists.

* I 'like' their songs.

* Those 'liked' songs are added to Your Library >> Liked Songs as expected.

* 3 times now I have seen songs in Your Library >> Liked Songs that I have not 'liked'. Sometimes 50+ songs from artists I've never heard of.

* I have to manually go to each song and 'unlike' them.

* How do I stop this?

* Why is this happening?

* Is someone else using my account? As far as I can tell, no.



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Hey ! @lacroixlime,


let's do some trouble shooting okay ?


First - if you are not sure if your account is secure please change your password

right here:

Second - This one will take a little more time but might help you. everytime you like a song list them and and check them once in a while, then, like some more and see if it's gonna add songs that you actually did not like, and if it do this please let me know okay?

Thats it for now, I'll be waiting for your answer 😉


Exact same issue

I am not using premium, I am using web player on google chrome.


Songs I have not listened to or selected are automatically added to my 'liked' selection in batches of 4 - 10 every few days. My account is secure, it is some feature on spotify that is doing this.

How do I disable this feature, it is infuriating, the songs being remotely added to my 'liked' selection have little to no similarity to the songs i like, and they are from 'artists' who I have never heard of and wish I had never heard of.

Additional information and troubleshooting is not required, Spotify is automatically adding songs to our 'liked' selection without our input or consent, please list the reasons that this could be happening so that we can turn it off.

I have been dealing with this same issue. Tons of songs being 'liked' that I never heard of. This is making my 'Daily Playlists' and 'Release Radar' streams useless and unlistenable. I also made sure my account was secure and changed my password. 


Spotify will become useless for me if this continues as I rely on the Spotify generated playlists to find new music. I do NOT want to switch to Apple Music but may need to if this persists.


Please advise ASAP,


Hi @IndieBandGuru (Keith),


Thanks for telling us about this! 


Are these random songs added only to your Liked Songs playlist or to other playlists as well? 


Or, does this apply only to Spotify generated playlists that you've saved (and songs are disappearing,and other ones are being added)? 


This will help us understand the issue better  and advise you further! 


Thanks in advance 🙂



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It was random songs just being Liked and added to my liked songs not playlists. Seems like it was a hack into my account. Many songs in other languages ,etc.
obviously my year in review and any Spotify generated playlists for me were very off from what I like to listen to. Made the experience useless.

Same here! 50+ latino & gipsy tracks in my "liked list" everdy day. Premium.

Hey all,


Be sure to follow these instructions if you notice strange things happening to your account.


It's also possible however to 'grant' certain parties access to your account. Here you can see who or what has access to your account.


Hope it helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Just wanted to say I have the same problem. The admins that are suggesting that this has anything to do with someone else logging on to our accounts are wrong. For me it's entire albums of pretty much no-name artists. Weird music. And it's in batches, and it's A LOT OF SONGS that I have to manually un-like one by one.

I've been having a similar issue, except it's a group of the same songs being added over and over again to my liked songs. I unlike them every time they come up, but they somehow get added back a day or two later.

Its Its really annoying we cant get a direct answer 

Hey @JeanyB,


If you've come across songs unexpectedly added to your Spotify, it'd be great to bookmark and carefully follow all the steps in this support page article as well as this one since they feature some essential info regarding how to keep the safety of your account up-to-date. The steps in the first article under Passwords and Remove access to third-party apps are particularly good since they'll help you make sure no one is accessing your Spotify through your credentials or other online services eventually linked with your account.


Hope you'll find this useful. We'll keep an eye on your reply in case there's anything else we can help with!

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I am having the same problems.  Everyday several songs are added to my Like song list.  They are not songs I like and I have to manually go through and delete them.  This recently started about a month ago.  I am not premium and if Premium members are also having this same problem why would I want to sign up for it?  

I've got a similar problem. Just cleared out my 'liked songs' playlist and there are four songs that come right back as soon as I remove them. I'm the only one with access to my Premium account and I periodically change my password. I've NEVER 'liked' a song on this app and somehow had HUNDREDS of songs in that playlist.

This has been happening to me forever and makes me crazy. I always have one of my 6 "made for you" playlists consist of artists I literally never listen to, nor click "like" for their songs. It's all the same basic genre - Motown - Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, etc. My assumption has been that Spotify has some side deal with them and gets paid royalties for trying to push me to listen to something different, but that's only a guess. I can't fathom what else would cause it to happen though.


It's incredibly annoying, I hope someone will fix it.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


If you see these unexpected changes on your Spotify account, we'd suggest you give these steps a go. You can also follow these steps for more info on how to protect your account.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, we are here for you.





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KNOW my account is secure. As I stated in my post. Don't brush this off on users when the problem is clearly with the app itself. 


Hey @Trash_Oracle and @redtide1,


Thanks for getting back to us.


If you can still see songs that are not added by you, we'd suggest you go ahead and check this article. You can also give these steps a go and run a clean reinstall. That way the app can be up-to-date and you can make sure the cache is not leading to this issue.


Hope this was helpful for you. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.





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I have never had 3rd party apps connected to Spotify and am a Premium member. Nothing in that article is part of my setup, but yet again today, nearly every song on my "Your Daily Mix 3" was "liked" and was a Motown song (Tears of a Clown, etc.) which I never listen to and never liked.


What else can I do to make this stop happening?

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