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Spotify always hangs -.-

Spotify always hangs -.-

Hello, I'm new to this forum because I have a problem. I bought a premium card for one month, and started listening to one of the given playlists from spotify, but I can always listen to only the first song correctly, and from the next one on, there are a lot if breaks, like when you are watching YouTube videos with a bad internet connection.

I tried to delete some other apps, because I thought my phone could be too full, and I made an update, but it didn't help (all my other apps work correctly).
My phone is htc one s.

What else can I try? Delete spotify and get it new? But then I will probably have no premium any more, will I? Or what would you say?

I hope someone can help me 😞 please explain it for dummies, because I'm bad at technical things 😄

Greatings from Germany and sorry if my English isn't perfect
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