Spotify and SD-Card... the neverending sage of failure


Spotify and SD-Card... the neverending sage of failure


Dear Spotify,


First of all. I love your services. I've been using your services for years. And still it's my best spend money every month. However there seems to be a glitch in my experience..


Recently i switched phones. Since my old one broke. It's a Moto G 2015. Decent phone with not so decent internal storage. I have a class 10 16gb SD card. Which should suffice for playing music. But it isnt. No matter what I do, I cannot get music on my SD card. And this is frustating to say the least. Daily i have the problem of not enough storage on my phone. The solution is to delete some offline playlists. But that's just plain stupid since it's the entire reason why i have Spotify premium.... to have music on demand even when i'm offline. 

I've tried many 'solutions' including official and nonofficial ones. Like: (there is no 'Storage' section in settings). Or the 'delete cache and move to SD options'. 



It's getting a real pain in the **bleep**, this sd card option. If someone has a solution i havent tried yet, please enlighten me. I just want to have my music on my SD card and be able to listen to music offline. I don't wanna stop using spotify and go to the competion. But if this problem persists I'll be forced to. 


Thanks in advanced,






TL;DR : How do i get spotify music on my SD-Card?