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Spotify android app not linking to sonos speakers

Spotify android app not linking to sonos speakers

So I've tested on my 2 ios devices and the app works as it should, but on mine and my wife's android devices, the Spotify app will not switch over to the sonos speakers. They are selectable, but when we do, nothing happens. Please can this be investigated. 

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This just started for me too.  The Sonos app works fine and so does the sonos PC software.  I can use spotify connect with spotify on my desktop. However, none of our three galaxy phones can connect to the sonos speaker now using the spotify app.  I have the exact same problem.  The sonos speaker appears, but when I try to select it, nothing happens. 

I have had the exact same thing start to happen for me as well. Every connection works apart from the Android app to the Sonos speaker. The android sonos app connects fine and iOs devices are happily communicating with the speaker. 

Same problem here. I don't know what's going on.

Same over here..... Pc is working fine, the android app not. No connection to the Sonos speaker.

Update: not sure if there was an android update or spotify app update last night, but checking today and it seems to be working today. 

Update:  Seems to still be a problem on the android app, thought it was fixed the other day, but there is still an issue.  Now using the Sonos app as default for Spotify now, which is ok, but there's more options with the Spoitify app that you dont get in the Sonos app.

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