Spotify app crashes under secondary and restricted profiles (Note 10.1 2014, Kitkat)

Spotify app crashes under secondary and restricted profiles (Note 10.1 2014, Kitkat)

I have problem running Spotify app on my Note now that I updated it to Android 4.4.2.


Basically it runs fine under my main profile on the tablet but both a secondary profile and a restricted profile I created have issues with it. When I start the app it gives me an error that Spotify has stopped and leaves me with an empty screen with empty sidebar on the left.


Will happily give more info if needed.

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I'm not surprised to hear the the app will only work in a main, unrestricted profile. Not sure if they'll be able to help but you can get direct support from spotify here.

Well, it worked perfectly under secondary profile on the previous version of Android so I see no reason why it wouldn't with Kitkat. After all, what's the deal with the secondary profile from app point of view? Only thing I can think of how it differs from main profile is that it cannot create new secondary ones.


The only thing I see about restricted profile is that you cannot enable Google account related apps on it but others like Spotify you can. All the others work fine but Spotify crashes.

I'm not qualified to answer that which is why I suggested getting in touch with Spotify direct 🙂

I've been exchanging emails about this with Spotify support but as usual, it begun with me explaining them the Android multi user features 😉


Anyway, on XDA Developers site there is already one other user who reports the exact same behaviour. I've tried clearing cache, reinstalling Spotify, even factory resetting the whole tablet but nothing helps. Spotify always crashes instantly when running it under secondary or restricted profiles even though it worked fine under secondary profiles in Android 4.3.


Here's somebody else explaining the user profiles:


The key point to me it seems is that the apps shouldnt even know they are running on a device with multiple user profiles. The only restrictions should be that the restricted profile cannot run anything with Google account requirement.

Just a quick update if anyone struggles with this. Answer from Spotify support after long exchange of messages: At this point, Spotify does not support multiple profiles (users, accounts) on the same device on the version of your device.


That makes them the first one I know of 😞

I just ran into this problem with my new Tab Pro 10.1.  It had Kitkat from the factory.  Spotify developers, please keep up with the ongoing development!

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