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Spotify app issue






Samsung Galaxy 8+

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Good day,

I've just yesterday signed up to spotify and have an issue and am hoping for information.

I work within IT so have access to firewalls and such yet, at my work when trying to listen to Spotify through the app on my phone it displays as "No internet connection" however, when going onto the web player on both Desktop and Phone, Spotify works perfectly, which should mean Spotify isn't being blocked by the network/firewall, what settings are changed between the web version and app version for the app version to not be able to reach a connection and play?.

Also, is there a way to do a select all on an album or artist to "Like" all their content so it appears in the "Liked Songs" section, I'm someone who likes all their music in one place and can shuffle everything at once yet, to get songs in the Liked Songs section you have to individually like each one... or is there a "Play all songs" option that I'm missing?.

Thanks in advanced

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