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Spotify app keeps crashing (Huawei P20 Pro)

Spotify app keeps crashing (Huawei P20 Pro)




Huawey P20 Pro

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

 Like the title says, the app just keeps crashing. Already added the app to the ignored apps of battery optimization and it keeps crashing.

7 Replies

I noticed it only started crashing after the latest update.

I have the exact same thing. Spotify crashes several times per minute sometimes. Nothing is triggering it, it just happens sometimes. 

Will you respond #spotify @spotify !

Same phone and specs

I have the same issue. Deleted and re installed the app, cleared space (which I have plenty) for me it seems to crash when downloading music for my offline playlists. 


Only happening in the last week

Same problem here. Uninstalled and reinstalled, cleaned the cache and all the data, nothing. Updated today. Nothing. Please fix this bug asap

Now I have the same problem... how u guys fixed it?


Thanks for the help

Hey folks, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Just to confirm, have you tried a clean reinstall instead of the regular one? We recommend this step as it'll remove the old drivers first and then install the new ones. It'll also get you the latest version of Spotify. These changes tend to solve issues like the one you're experiencing. Give your device a quick restart as well before you open the newly installed app.


It's also a good idea to log in to your Spotify account on another device just to check if you observe the same. If it doesn't occur on a different device, we'd suggest making sure that your original device is up to speed with any software updates available.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

I had the same problem. Please follow the instructions on this link. that worked for me. 

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