Spotify app loading/many other issues


Spotify app loading/many other issues


Hello friends,

I have been having ongoing trouble with the Spotify app for about a year now that Spotify has yet to help me or get back to me about. I was run through a bunch of fixes and nothing worked. I remember at one point the app worked fine for me, but since last year the app only loads sometimes, even on a full wifi/5 bar connection. Will just get loading circle forever and it never loads, in searching, on artist pages, when trying to look at likes/playlists etc, the pages just never load and get loading circle forever, even on full connection.

The reason why I am still fighting with this is because I paid into premium for a long time, and I am still a premium member now, so I am appalled Spotify has not fixed this after months of being in contact with customer service. The desktop app works fine for me. Sometimes the app will load, when it feels like it, which is not much, and there is a slew of other problems too--it lags when pausing/playing, I close the app and suddenly a song will start playing even though the app is closed, have to restart phone to get it to stop (today this happened and it crashed my whole phone and I could not turn it back on--had to force-restart). Sometimes recent likes do not show up. Sometimes when it seems pages are loading, I will click the "..." to add something to playlist or play radio for example, and it will say "go online to see menu" or something like that....when I have full bars/wifi and am online!! I do not have any trouble with any other app when this happens, so it is not my connection. Overall the whole app is a mess.

I really wish I could use this app or get some help. I have Android on Samsung j7. Has anyone else experienced this and had it fixed? I am frustrated because I paid into premium for so long, built my library and playlists and now "SpotifyCares" is leaving me behind and I have not heard back about a fix to this problem. I just want to be able to use the app on my phone.

If anyone can help me I would be so grateful. Thank you. I wish Spotify would care more

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Hey there @srra,

Thanks posting here in the Community! No worries - help's on the way 🙂

We suggest that you start off with a clean reinstall of the app. If there are any corrupted files on your device, that could cause such issues, this is the best way to remove them.


You should also make sure that your smartphone has all the latest updates installed and that Spotify has all necessary permissions. 


In case that doesn't do the trick, you might be experiencing this issue, which we are currently investigating. In that case we recommend adding your +VOTE and subscribe to the tread, to be notified of any updates.


If you've already been in touch with our support teams, you can always reach back out via the contact form and they'll be happy to help you out.

Hope you find this useful. Let us know how you get on.


Have an nice day!

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