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Spotify app not starting on my phone, help pls.

Spotify app not starting on my phone, help pls.


I'm having this huge problem, that stops me from listening to spotify.
I'm starting my phone, open the application spotify and it wont start.

The screen just turns out white, and keep that way. After like 20 seconds it says if I want to shut it down, or wait for the program to respond or send a report.
I've tried to:

* Reinstall spotify
* Restarted my phone (battery out, sd-card out, SIM-card out)

I'm using Xperia X10 and it worked well until today. I've been having this problem for hours now. Please help me!

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Hi there. Can you try rebooting your phone - does that help? If not, see if there's a folder on the sd card in the Android directory called something like com.spotify... - if so delete it, restart your phone again and give that a go
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I have been reboting my phone and I went into the sd-card and checked on my computer in android map > data but there is only facebook and stuff. No spotify!

Did you learn how to get around this problem? I have the same problem. Using a Glaxay s2 though. 

Hello. Yes, I did.
I put my phone into my computer, and removed some spotify files. Then it worked again 🙂

Im having the same issue. I have a Galaxy S5. It worked fine on my S3. I install it and go to log in and it just sits and shows a spinning symbol. It works on my computer. So i went into my account and clicked on devices and it said you have to have a seperate log in for each device and said it sent an email to me but it never came??? I did that at least 3 times !!! i tried uninstalling it from my phone rebooting my phone then reinstalling and the sme thing happens EVERY TIME !!! 

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