Spotify app on Android deletes albums constantly

Spotify app on Android deletes albums constantly



I have this problem for a couple of weeks now. When I save an album and then download songs on my phone, after some time they just disappear. Albums are still saved on other devices that I use for Spotify (like desktop app), but they disappear on my mobile and I have to save it for a second time (and also dowload it ofc).

However, everything looks fine with playlists - they are still downloaded.

I've already tried reinstalling the aplication a couple of times and also clearing it's data (both on my phone and also in the app).

Do you have any answers? Thanks!

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Hey, @kkleczka!


Have you had a look at That article might help lend some light to what's happening here!





I've looked at this link that you shared and perhaps had this problem with a maximal limit of songs, however I hahe never had any notification about such a limit.


As for now I've downloaded less songs and everything works. We'll see.



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