Spotify app starts automatically in my car


Spotify app starts automatically in my car

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Yes, that is a known issue.
I have searched several forums, but no answer is to be found.

Every time I start my car, my phone connects to the car system by bluetooth. I have to use that for mobile calls when I drive.

But I usually never use Spotify when driving. Still, the app starts automatically every time. It is freakin annoying! No other app does that.

Actually, the same thing happens when I start my Garmin intercom system in my motorcycle helmet.


How do I stop that?
Does Spotify have an answer?

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I've the same problem with a bluetooth eardevice from plantronics in combination with bluetooth from my phone.

My solution: look for "kort nummerke" (i.g. short song) and put only this one on your playlist. It's an instrumental rock from about 5 seconds. When the playlist is on its and, it will close Spotity.

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Thanks for the suggestion. But that is not a sufficient solution since I would have to change playlist everytime I enter my car.