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Spotify app stops after 30 minutes

Spotify app stops after 30 minutes

Hi there!

Since the Android update last week, my Spotify account on my Nokia 6 shuts down after a while when I'm not using other functions (let's say 30 minutes, when I'm walking or biking). I tried everything: my settings, downloading the app again, turned my phone on and off, closed all other apps and checked if the screen was locked in my pocket. 

Do you have any idea what can be wrong? I did notice that using the shuffle function on my headphone can confuse the app sometimes since I use my Nokia, but not using that didn't solved the problem.

11 Replies

Have also this problem on my nokia 5.

Spotify closes after appr. 30 - 35 minutes.

I believe it started after the phone upgreded to android 8.0

Do you have any ideas what is wrong or do you have any contact with Nokia/Hdm about this problem.


i removed and reinstalled the latest Spotify version but no solution.

I have the same problems with my Nokia 6 since a few weeks.
It just stops playing after 30 minutes. I tried to fix it through my battery settings, but nothing helps.
Please help me to fix it because it is really annoying.

Sadly still no solution from spotify or Nokia/HDM.

But i found/use a workaround on the supportpage of Nokia 5 forum.

You can use this app Wake Lock-CPU Awake and use Spotify without closing after30 minutes.

See this link

Same with my Nokia 8. This did not happen on 8.1 beta, only after upgrade to 8.1 stable.


Same with me. Nokia 6, Android Oreo 8.0.0 Finnish OS-version 00WW_5_22A. Tried also to remove battery optimization on Spotify And put unlimited data allowed on Spotify.  Still music stops after a while. no help. 😞 

For me the Wake Lock-CPU Awake app works! Not a perfect solution but at least Spotify will keep on playing 🙂

And I had some updates from the Spotify app, so hopefully it will be solved during the next updates...

Hello I have this problem also with my Nokia 6. Spotify and deezer stops after half an hour without me doing that. Since I have Android 8.0 this happens. Its frustrating because nobody at Nokia, Deezer or Spotify have a solution or an answer regarding this issue. I am also a paying costumer. So I pay for Spotify and Deezer. My Netflix runs fine, also with Android 8. No issues there. When I am behind my desk I can use my fingers to open Spotify again. But if I am riding on my motorcycle its a diffirent story. I am reading something about a Wakelock app. I just installed this and will see what happens. Fingers crossed.

Same here for me too using a Nokia 8 since updating to Oreo. Spotify and some other apps (BBC iPlayer Radio) randomly close after about 30 mins which is very frustrating when my hands are not free to open the app again and restart playback.


Raised to Nokia/HMD previously and they asked me to soft reset the phone (hold vol up and lock buttons for 10 secs until restart) but this doesn’t seem to have done anything. Will raise with them again and point them at this thread!

The dont know nothing at Nokia. I got very frustrated. I bought a new phone this week, a Samsung A8. Everything Works fine now. No problems anymore. I ressetted nu Nokia twice and reinstalled everything. Also used wake lock. That did not Work either. Never a Nokia again. 

Cpu Awakelock works for me as a workaround, but you have to select the desired time you want to keep the Cpu awake. I set it to 4 hours and in my case selected Mobile Data and push the activate button to use it.

I'm the one who experienced this too


Till now, i dont have the solution

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