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Spotify asking "continue or..."

Spotify asking "continue or..."

I have an Andoid minix neo X5 mini connected to my tv, with a mouse. I can direct that player which song to play with my Samsung Galaxy tab 3 tablet. Of course the tab3 can also play the music. However, playing on the tab3 takes precedence over the NeoX5mini.

That wouldn't be a problem, but spotify asks the question on BOTH the tab3 and the NeoX5mini "continue or switch to <the other app>" (in Dutch 😉 and after that the neoX5mini cannot be used because its waiting for an answer, and I have to switch the tv on again.

This is a nuisance, can you Spotify developers prevent that/those question(s)? Thanks in advance, Ernst.

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Hi there, well you have quite a unique scenario and this prompt is designed for the masses so I wouldn't anticipate it going anytime soon.


What I would say is that you could possibly use Tasker and the AutoInput plugin to query if this prompt is triggered and if so to tap the accept button.... You could if you want combine it with AutoNotification (another Tasker plugin) to give you notification with buttons in your notification shade on the Galaxy tab telling you which device is currently streaming and then allow you to press a button to transfer to the other.

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