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Spotify auto-deletes my playlists

Spotify auto-deletes my playlists

So, i found a post about this and solutions didnt work, then i hit the reply buttom but nothing happens and thats why I'm creating a new post

Basically, ive been premium for the last couple weeks and am sick of it.. In just such phew days, Spotify hast deleted my playlist over 20 times..

I use a LeEco Le Pro 3 phone which uses SnapDragon 821 and has 4gb of ram. I use other streaming apps and dont have any problems.

Last time i downloaded my playlists was this morning before going to work because i hate driving without music. I havent turned off my phone during the day or used the app until i got out of work, jumped into the car and once again, no playlists..

I seriously dont want this to happen ever again.. I got spotify premium because i didnt wanna have to download every song and then upload it on my phone since i work a lot and that really consumed a lot of time for me.

Tell me **bleep** do i need to do because i really am sick of this!

I will attach a capture of my current playlists and you will see that there is one downloaded, i did it when driving back home..

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It's been a couple days since my post and still get no replies.
Update: Spotify has deleted my playlists 3 times since the day i posted this..

If you want direct support, go here. Starting a new thread for an issue which is already covered in an existing thread just creates clutter.

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