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Spotify auto-start on phone when listening via desktop

Spotify auto-start on phone when listening via desktop



So, whenever I'm listening to music via my pc it also show on my phone what I'm listening to, in the notification bar at the top. This have started recently, so I guess it came in the last update on android. Anyway, is there any way to prevent it from starting on my phone? I've checked the preferences, but can't find any solution to it.


Not really a problem per se, but it does annoy me some how. 

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Hi @arvidh and welcome to the community 🙂


This is due to Spotify connect. It'll send your listening data to your other devices so you can use them as 'remote controls'.


You should be able to remove the notification by force stopping the Spotify app, however it will re-appear when you re-open the app.


You coud also set notifications to be hidden (depending on your Android version), however this'll apply to all notifications from Spotify.


Other than that, there's no way around it...



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