Spotify automatically plays the same song / Car and Chromecast

Spotify automatically plays the same song / Car and Chromecast






Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android v9


My Question or Issue

Spotify plays the same song whenever I connect via bluetooth to the car, or whenever I try to connect to my chromecast.

I cannot use my chromecasts anymore since nomatter what I do it always starts the same song. When I try to change it says that "Spotify is beeing used on another device". This seems to be related to my account. When using another spotify account on my mobile it works fine.  I have done uninstalled, cleared the filesystem from spotify content, re-installed. Several times. The strange thing is that it plays the same song directly in my car via bluetooth, the differens is that it is possible to choose a different after the initial song has started. I attached a video showing how it happends...

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I have now tried this with my Iphone, and same thing happends when streaming to chromecast. But it works with other spotify accounts. PLEASE help, can someone assist me in resetting my account or something?


Hi mate,


Did you tried going to your account settings through the website ( and click on the "Sign out from everywhere"? I thothit can help. If that didn't work for you,try changing your password and then clear cache, uninstall and reinstall.



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