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Spotify causes significant battery drain on Pixel 8 Pro

Spotify causes significant battery drain on Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 8 Pro, Android 14, Spotify Premium build, Sweden.


Brand new phone and first day of use, and installed the app earlier today.  Spotify has somehow managed to drain 38% (!) of battery with 4 minutes screen time and 4h 44 mins background activity: I'm unsure about the length of background activity, too, since I've only been listening to podcasts and some music for two hours tops before completely closing the app. No downloads of playlists or music, either. 


The phone was warm to the touch for several hours after installation. The temperature dropped immediately after disabling Spotify from being able to perform background tasks. 


In the "View by systems" tab in Systems > Battery > Battery usage, it's clear that the CPU has drained a majority of the battery (33% vs 13% for screen) since it was fully charged, even though I haven't been doing any CPU intensive tasks for any length of time. 


Super weird, and it's the only time this has happened on any of the smartphones I've had Spotify installed on over the years. 






Top Answer

Hey folks,


Thanks for all your replies and for the info shared.


In this case, in order for us to forward all this important info onto the right team, we'll need to gather some very specific details. That way, they can check in thoroughly what is exactly happening on your side. So, we'll need you to send us:

  • The make/model and OS of the affected device
  • The exact Spotify version you're running there.
  • Some screenshots of this behavior and your device's battery usage analytics.
  • If you noticed that this started to happen after some specific event, such as an OS update, please clarify.
  • All the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. Make sure to be as specific as possible.

Be aware that we'll need all this info in order for our tech team to continue investigating further. If you've already sent us some of these details, keep in mind we'll need update info of your devices and Spotify versions you're running as of today.

We understand where you're coming from, so we'll work on this together.


Keep us in the loop!

106 Replies

Hi, are you a beta user and that way got that version-number?

Yes, I'm a beta tester (alpha, actually). Yesterday I was on version Today I'm on

What might sound like a feasible approach has also led me to unsubscribe from the beta program in order to install the normal version, as the beta version available at that time always crashed on startup. A bit later, I signed up for the beta again.

I hate to say, but today on version I listened to music for about 45 minutes but Spotify was active in the background for 3 hours.

I should have avoided the last update. Maybe it's unrelated after all. This sucks. Since there is no change log, we are all stumbling in the dark. If it wasn't for my family, I'd be gone to Deezer now.

Hi! Quick update and a little background. I moved from iphone to the Pixel, and transferred all apps and accounts to my new Pixel. After doing a full reset of the phone, just installed the apps im using and the battery is waaaaaay better. So that might be a tip for some of you coming from ios device.



Google Pixel 8 here.

I read on a Dutch thread that Spotify was draining the Pixel 8 batteries. Had no big problems until last night. In extreme battery save modus, Spotify managed to drain 14% on the background. After reading this thread, I did uninstall Spotify and installed it again... No change, except that now I cannot change the battery use option to restricted.


Removed Spotify for now cause it is bugging me so much.


Hi, all. Pixel 8, same issue, Spotify drains battery with background activity without being used.

I managed to stop the drain by using the "Force stop" option in the App info menu after using Spotify.

Quite an annoying issue and I tink about giving up Spotify Premium.

Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience.


While the relevant team continues investigating this further, could you update the Google play system update? Settings > Security > Google System Update (Repeat until up to date).


Also, we'd recommend checking if there's any available update for the Play Services: Settings > Apps > See all .. Apps > Google Play Services > App details > Update (if available).


Lastly, you can also reset radios by following: Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth to see if it makes any difference.


Let us know how it goes.

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I'm on latest Android 14 QPR2 Beta and on Spotify Alpha. Which is as I'm writing.

Listened to Spotify today and yesterday for about 25 minutes. 

See the attached screenshot for what Spotify does to my battery. I'm getting used to force stop the app. But sometimes I forget. 

I'm not sure, if it helps to find the issue: what I noticed is, that after listening to music, the battery keeps on using battery in the background for a while. Like one and a half hour. After that, it does not use background battery until I open the app again. Maybe Android is killing Spotify only after a long period of background usage.


When I try to update Google System this way, the only version available is the October 1st update that I currently have installed.


Same with Google Play Services – no other updates available than the one I currently have installed. 


I've reset Bluetooth/Wifi/mobile settings now, but since I'm currently at work I can't see if this makes any difference. There's a new Spotify update as well,, that I've installed today. 


I have the same problem, so far I have been surviving with "app battery usage" setting to "Restricted", configuration that makes the use of spotify a nightmare by the way. But now even with this, it drain battery in background, is a nightmare PLEASE SOLVE THIS OR REFUND US!

Pixel 8, Android 14, Spotify


This is also present in Pixel 7 with android 14 with nov 1 2023 update. I've been fighting this for a month or so now. Disabling Spotify Connect didn't help. Keen to provide any diagnostic data I can to devs investigating this (I am a dev myself).



I'm on a Pixel 5 with Android 14 and the latest Security Update and Google Play System Update and experienced the same battery drain as others in this thread.


I might have found a solution, though I'm not 100% sure if this resolved it.


I long pressed on the Spotify player notification and then clicked on the little cogwheel. In the setting page that shows up I disabled "Show media recommendations" (see screenshot).


Now Spotify's battery usage seems to be way more reasonable. Though long term testing might still be needed to confirm.


I hope this helps anyone else!


Hey folks,


Thank you for your patience. 

To continue investigating this behavior, could any of you try the workaround mentioned by @johman10 to see if it makes any difference with the battery usage? 


We'll be on the lookout.

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"Show media recommendations" has always been disabled for me. Even though there's been several updates since I started this thread, Spotify still drains a lot of battery exactly the same as before. 

It worked for me for just one week, then it came back draining battery, it's hauful.

I tried, it seemed to have worked for 1 week and then it came back draining a lot of battery. Now the app battery usage setting set to restricted do not allow even to listen to songs with your screen unlocked without crashing, its hauful they should just give us the money back for this months of out-of-service...

Hi all, I've had my pixel 8 pro for a few weeks now and have been using Spotify to listen to podcasts while I work with no problem but last night I installed the latest android security update and my battery is almost dead before my first break only 2 hours in, this is with earphones and my phone in pocket with screen off

Experiencing same as everyone above. On average the battery drain is 45% in the background with not even 10 minutes screen time. Tried the latest suggestion and it only worked for about a week, too. I've never had to charge my phone's twice every day, it's honestly ridiculous especially with the amount I use Spotify, it's practically unusable at this rate since I need my phone at all times, as does everyone in general.

Same here with P8. Around 23% of battery consumption by Spotify for just 1h30 of listening. 




 Still on beta, looks kind of crazy atm.


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