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Spotify client and Spotify connect - connection lost

Spotify client and Spotify connect - connection lost

Plan: Premium Family

Country: Germany


Device: Xiomi MIA1, BQ Aquaris X Pro


Operating System: Android 8.1


Spotify version:



My setup is like that:

Few Android devices connecting to Onkyo TX-8270 receiver and Teufel Raumfeld One S both via Spotify Connect.

Onkyo TX-8270 has a wired conection (Gigabit).

All devices connect to AVM Fritzbox 7490.  Wifi connection for Teufel with 5 Ghz and 150 Mbit/s, all devices incl. mobile devices are in the same room.


I start playing music, the Android screen locks after some time and a few minutes later the connection between Spotify client on Android and Onkyo or Teufel gets lost. Meaning the Onkyo/Teufel keeps on playing music, but the Android Spotify client stops showing progress in the playlist. It get stucks at some title in the playlist. I can`t controll my Onkyo/Teufel device anymore. No chance to stop/pause or skip to next title in the playlist. No option tho change the volume anymore.

A few options solve this issue:

- Reconecting the Android mobil to the Wifi

- Switching off/on the Onkyo/Teufel device

- Rebooting the mobil device

- Sometimes it helps to kill the Spotify client and restart. But not always.


Any idea on how to solve this?




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