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Spotify closes itself at random intevals Samsung S5+

Spotify closes itself at random intevals Samsung S5+

See title. I had this problem a few months ago but an update and a reinstall of the Spotify app made sure the app would not close anymore at random intervals.
I updated my phone to Android version 5.0.2 last saturday and since that update the problem is back.
Anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes the app will close. Needless to say this is quite annoying. The more because this was supposed to be fixed.

Steps I have taken:
- restart phone
- clear cache --> restart phone --> redownload playlists
- clear cache --> uninstall Spotify --> restart phone --> install Spotify --> redownload playlists

Now I don't know what to do anymore. Are there more things I can do to stop Spotify from closing?
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Hey! Welcome to the Community. 


Sorry to hear you're having issues with your Android app. Could you try removing your Offline devices following these steps? Once you've done this, try another clean reinstall


Hopefully that should help. Let us know how it goes! 

Hi James,

I did as you asked and removed my phone from the list of synced devices and did a clean reinstall but unfortunately it didn't help.

Do you know of more things to try?

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