Spotify closes on phone while playing via Connect


Spotify closes on phone while playing via Connect

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The Spotify app on my phone is closing down after playing a few songs via Connect. It works great to begin with, but exits after playing for some time.


I have to re-open the app to regain control via the widget or the lockscreen control. I've just changed phone, same thing on the new one.


My setup:

Win8.1 PC (Intel NUC) connected to the stereo.

HTC One M7 - Android 4.4.3 (old phone)

Nexus 6  - Android 5.0.1(new phone)


Spotify version: Latest on all devices.


Any help is appreciated.

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Happening to me and I reckon every other user. This is Android closing the process as it sees it taking resource bu not actually streaming music and so can be shut down. ly way to stop this would be to set your display timeout to stay awake while the app is open as it's not as agressive in this state

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I have noted this also.

The notification in the notification bar disappears.

I do not think it is the OS which is closing tha app due to resource usage, especially on Spotify Connect, because the Spotify app on the phone is doing nothing at all, it is the device (avr, speaker, pc) which is downloading the music.


To make a comparison the Sonos app stay in the notification bar forever without any problems.


To me it seems a bug in the Android app software implementation.


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