Spotify closes when I pause a song


Spotify closes when I pause a song

Running spotify version armV7 on a Samsung S7 with the newest software. Everytime I pause a song the app closes on the home screen and lock screen. I can email a video to someone if I'm not being specific enough because I can't attach it to this post.
Low battery mode is off, I don't have an SD card installed, no matter what profile I use it still does this, I've uninstalled the app and cleared every trace of it from my phone then reinstalled it and this still happens
It's been like this for about a month now and it's annoying.
Please help and thanks.
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Re: Spotify closes when I pause a song

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Hi Av3ry_palm3r,


Sorry to hear you are having problems with using Spotify.


i think your issue would be better addressed if you contacted Spotify support so they can help your further.


Spotify Support: <h1></h1>





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