Spotify connect doesn't connect to sonos

Spotify connect doesn't connect to sonos


Spotify connect doesn't work with Sonos anymore since upgrading to spotify family. I can see all devices it just won't connect to any Sonos ones. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and Sonos. Reset router. Reset devices. Unlinked spotify to sonos and reauthorised. 


Works fine with Echo, TV and any other devices but not Sonos.


Anybody had something similar?

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I am having the same issue , i have rolled back to a previous build and it works fine . I have raised this issue with Spotify cares on twitter and they assure me they are looking into it , we need this feature as Spotify is the only music app that does not allow you to be logged into Sonos and use the app at the same time .


I'm having the same issues. Did not upgrade to spotify family, but did upgrade to newer version of spotify. I can see my Sonos devices, but clicking on them doesn't do anything. Very annoying.

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