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Spotify connect no sound on my bluetooth devices( car radio, mini boombox...)

Spotify connect no sound on my bluetooth devices( car radio, mini boombox...)

Have a question about the new connect system for android. I updated my Galaxy s4 today, and after the new control sound system, my devices which i have to pair with without wi-fi. There is no sound coming out my the device speakers. Everything works fine with my phone and the songs are still playing while connected to the Bluetooth devices, only that there is no sound like I said. Is there anything I can do or will it be like that for ever.


Thanks for retweet Romeo:)

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Have you enabled your speakers from connect mode, not from aux mode? In other words, try to change input 🙂

Yes tried that nothing changed!:/

Can you describe more about your Connect speaker?


I have Pioneer SMA1.

Its an 


Try this:


1. Reconnect to that device by turning Bluetooth off and then back on. Wait for signal "Connected" and try to play music.


2. Remove/break away access to Bluetooth device. Turn your JVC off and back on. Reboot phone. Reconnect your phone over Bluetooth to sound machine. Should work.


3. Ensure that sound is enabled in mobile phone.



Thanks for answering will try 🙂

If after that still problems, try to reinstall Spotify. Also feel free to contact again here, so we can look again into this.


Hope some tip will work.

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