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Spotify connect not working on Soundbar sony ht-st5000

Spotify connect not working on Soundbar sony ht-st5000








Sony ht-st5000 


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Since yesterday I am not able to use spotify connect on my soundbar. Soundbar is fully operational and chromecast spotify plugin is working.


When I open Spotify on my Android or IPhone, play music and open the connect menu, the Soundbar Spotify connect option is not showing. I tried emptying cache, reinstalling app fully, and reset Soundbar to factory settings but no result. After factory reset of soundbar Spotify connect shows up temporarily. When you click on it, it keeps says "making connection" but nothing happens. Also tried to connect through my laptop but nothing works.


I suspect it to be due to recent spotify update because everything has operated without problems until Thursday.

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Exactly the same problem here. No Spotify Connect on my Sony HT ST 5000. Only Google Cast and I don't want that. I want Spotify Connect back! I have tried everything.

Hi everybody,


Thanks for posting on the Community.


@Allard79, could you confirm if the issue started after a recent Spotify or device update? 


We'd recommend checking for any available firmware updates to make sure your sound bar is up to date (including Spotify). Afterwards, restart it and tell us if the issue persists.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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My Sony soundbar also. Spotify will only find google cast now on Sony soundbar. Spotify Connect has disappeared in last week or two.  Everything up to date. Would like my spotify connect please. not interested in google looking at my stuff constantly.  Its invasive. and now Spotify/Sony are making it the only choice.

I have the exact same problem since a week or two. There were no device updates, so it must be an issue on the Spotify side. Please fix.

Sony sound bar as well.

Hey folks,


Thanks for the info.


It's a good idea to check here if the device is supported. We can't guarantee that a device will work properly if it's not in the list.


In case you can't find it in the list, you can try connecting the devices via Bluetooth. 


Let us know how it goes. If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.

Ver Moderator
Help others find this answer and click "Accept as Solution".
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That's a disgraceful response, Ver. I've been using Spotify connect on my sony soundbar for almost 5 years now, and all of the sudden the option just goes away? And only google cast is supported to cast spotify on it? No, this needs to be fixed. We should rightfully have the option to use Spotify connect. And my firmware is up to date on literally everything, so this is not a "check your updates" situation. 

same issue here! since last week I do not have the option anymore. Everything is updated and also factory reset. I noticed that the option with spotify connect only shows once after a power down and power on but then afterwards dissapears.


EDIT: It works after a full power down. Then when the option presents itself, use a browser to connect to it instead of the android app. Aftwards, also the android app works.

Same issue. Latest firmware and updates on all devices.

Same issue. In my case its a Sony STR-DN1080

I updated everything.
Logged out everywhere.
Deleted my caches.
Restarted my router.


And it still doesn't work. 

I apologize for the late reaction.

Still the same problem here. It all worked fine for years, untill the last few weeks. Still no Spotify Connect on my Soundbar. Only Google Cast is available, and to be honest: the soundquality via Google Cast is worthless.

- Everything has the latest firmware (Router, Smartphone (Sony), Soundbar and the Spotify app on it is up-to-date).

I can't say it happend after a specific update from something. The one day all was fine, the next Spotify Connect dissapeared. I still have the same problem as we speak.

My wife has the same issue with here Samsung smartphone. Worked fine for years, untill then. If I try to connect with my laptop, same problem.

All my mobile devices are connected via WiFi6 with the home router. From the router I run Cat7 cables to my Smart TV and SoundBar. In that setup nothing has changed. It worked fine this way.

All the mobile devices are recent and top-models in their class. Again, all worked fine, nothing has changed in setup, connections or otherwise. All software and firmware is up-to-date.

Please, I'm begging you, fix it!

Thanks in advance, and again, I apologise for the late reaction.

Hey! Setting my router DNS to worked for me up till now. You should try that, restart the router (and modem if you have one) and the soundbar.

Same here with Sony HT-A7000 soundbar.

Really disappointing. I just bought it today and cannot get Spotify to list it as a device to connect to. 

Firmware updated. Tried DNS of

Sony will be annoyed that their customers are not getting what they paid for. Spotify connect was selling point.

So just an update.....and this will probably not be the solution for most people....but one thing to check is that your Wifi network has not changed the device discovery settings.


I my case (Unifi networking gear) I found the problem to be the multicast and mDNS settings.  You must ensure multicast DNS (mDNS) is enabled.  And also check the 'multicast enhancement' is enabled and 'multicast and broadcast control' is disabled.

Once I had sorted this out the soundbar appeared in both Spotify (as a Spotify device) and Google home (as a Chromecast device).

Hope this helps some people.


Per the commenter above me, I actually understand now that I responded to this thread irrationally as well. Changing my DNS server immediately fixed the problem. I changed it to Cloudflare DNS and spotify connect is showing up flawlessly on the soundbar now. 

Dear Spotify Friends,


Thanks you all very much! I am now, as we speak, enjoying Spotify Connect again, after 5 weaks of problems.

Everybody who suggested tot change DNS in the router, YOU WERE RIGHT!!!

I've changed the primary DNS to Google ( restarted the modem, router and soundbar. And there is Spotify Connect again, and it works!!

Thank you all very much!


Exactly the same issue here with the Sony HT-ST5000. Changing the soundbar's DNS settings to use the Google DNS servers fixed it.

How to change the DNS server setting in Sony HT ST5000 sound bar?





To change the DNS, log in to your router or modem. This is not in the soundbar menu. Good luck!

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