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Spotify connect stoppted working for no reason!?

Spotify connect stoppted working for no reason!?


I have a Marantz sr7009 with spotify connect. It has ben working superfine for 7 months but stoppted working last saturday. For no reason at all.

We use ipad, ipad mini, iPhone 5 with spotify.


Now here is the funny part.. I can get a track working for aprox 2 seconds, after that the track stops and after that the marantz say there is no internet connection. But IF I start one of the old tracks I have in one of my spotifylists its no problem. I cant play any of the new songs like top 50 etc.

everything has been working fine untill last saturday, we had been playing for aprox 3 hours using the spotify connect function when it just stopted working. I update the spotify app every 2 weeks when they launch a new update etc.


so why is the "new songs" not working Anymore? One of the songs has been popping day and night... And just stoppted working this saturday. I had not updated anything this evning.


I have tried 2 update all devices, reboot the router, reinstalled the wi-fi connection for the marantz etc. Reboot spotify, logoff loggin....


there is no problem playing the songs in the spotify app with my ipad. The problem starts when i want to use my hifi system with spotify connect. But only the new songs!!! 


Extremly annoying. I bought the reciver just because of the spotify connect function. 


So spotify team whats happening?

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