Spotify constantly stops my music and starts playing something else.


Spotify constantly stops my music and starts playing something else.

Casual Listener

Recently Spotify has started acting pretty weird.


To begin, Spotify has randomly (on both my Android phone and my desktop PC) stopped playing a song I'm listening to, and switches itself over to a Firefox Web Player and starts playing a random song that isn't on my playlist or song list. It starts playing an artist I've never listening to (most of the time recently it has been someone named Jimmy Lloyd). At this point I would have to switch back to listening on my current device and start my playlist again.


Spotify has also been adding random playlists and favoriting random songs. Like I said, most recently it has been randomly playing a lot of Jimmy Lloyd and the playlists and songs being randomly added are mostly from this specific artist. I would have to go and remove the playlists Spotify followed and un-favorite songs that Spotify favorited. 


It is quite annoying having to deal with my music constantly stopping and switching to a different device that doesn't even exist. I've already tried contacting Spotify and not much has been done. I've tried using the log off of all accounts feature but the problem still persists. I've had premium up until recently but even with premium the problem still happened. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!