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Spotify deleting my songs

Spotify deleting my songs

It's not the fist time that Spotify deletes my songs. I guess it pics the songs randomly, like half of my downloaded album is still available online, and the other songs is gone(frome the phone's memory,too). It happened before and i did this steps, deleted my whole songs, logged out and in again, i have many empty space left, but no. It has just deleted 1.200+ songs from phone. Why is this happening? I'm living in Turkey, we can't always redownload it you know 🙂

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I'm having the same problem. I just uninstalled and reinstalled again and it won't load yet. Every time I switch between online and offline it will delete all but 2 songs from albums I've listened to recently. And I've had to re-downlad my library on more than one occasion. 

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