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Spotify deleting songs by it self

Spotify deleting songs by it self

I've been a Spotify premium user for many years, on several android devices. The problem is haunting me on every phone that I've had. The problem is that my downloaded tracks just deletes itself and I have to listen to them using my data. I usually save alot on my dataplan by downloading them at home. Some times it deletes one or two songs from random playlists, and that's just annoying, but today it deleted my WHOLE LIBRARY! I have alot of songs that does not exist on the spotify database that I had to put in there by my self, and some of them not existing anymore on my computers, and now I've had it! Please tell me what the **bleep** is going on and how to fix it, because if there is no fix to it, downloading 2000+ songs now and then is not even slighty amusing, and looking for another music app will probably be the final solution if this isn't ever going to get fixed. Suddenly today at work, everything went missing! After this download is finished, which is going to take a metric **bleep**ton of time, I have to search for the songs that isn't on the Spotify database as well...

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