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Spotify doesn't download local files (although it says it does and it used to work that way)

Spotify doesn't download local files (although it says it does and it used to work that way)



A couple of days ago my playlists emptied on my phone, so I reinstalled the Spotify app.

Then, as usual, I would open a playlist and click "Download", only to see the message that non-premium users can only download local files onto the phone. This used to be the same, but my local files usually would be downloaded. Now after I see the message nothing happens, not even my local files are downloaded, even though the app itself says this should happen. 


I'm not in offline mode, I have enough disk space/don't get an error about disk space, so what's up here?



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You have to sync your local files from the desktop client - this has always been the case.


Connect your device to the same WiFi network as your desktop/laptop and then use the sync option to select playlists to sync.



I have the same problem. Local files will not sync with the mobile phone.

Same wifi-network, tried to reinstall both softwares.

They used to work, suddenly the local files came up as dead links.

I have tried to log off and on with both accounts.

I have deleted local file links, and reinstalled them.

They only shows as dead links.

I have tried to see if the firewall causes it, but no.

I bought a new phone too. xperia arc was the old, and the new is Samsung s3 4g.

Links from local files are still dead.

What to do? 

I've been having the exact same issues too! I've been trying to sync a playlist to my phone for the last couple of days now, but Spotify only pops up with something saying that only Premium users are only able to sync playlists, and if you're not a Premium user, then you're only allowed to sync local files. Every single song of the playlist that I've been trying to sync up with is a local file! I'm a little bit too afraid to reinstall everything for fear of losing the playlists that I already have on my phone synced. This is overall very frustrating though.

If following these instructions don't work for you, check to see if your mobile (with Spotify running) shows under "Devices" in the desktop client. If it doesn't appear then make sure you have logged in with the correct credentials as this is the most common cause of these issues. Also try turning off any firewall and antivirus protection temporarily.


If you still have problems, please shout.

It does not show under device. Spotify is cleared to work in the firewall and antivirus (norman security).

Same credentials?

I got 1 account. I can not log into accounts i do not have?

Same wifi network too. Belkin n750 router.

Both got the same nickname and password on the desktop and phone .

My playlists from desktop comes up at the phone... also the local files, but now the local files shows as dead links.

@kjell-stefan wrote:

It does not show under device. Spotify is cleared to work in the firewall and antivirus (norman security).

Same wifi network too. Belkin n750 router.


Does your router have UPnP enabled? If so, try disabling and then re-enabling it. That's been known to help (fixed it for me when I had this problem actually).


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Yes it has...

Tried to do what you told me but no luck.

Thanks for trying to help.

You haven't turned offline mode on in the settings for android spotify have you?


All problems started after latest spotify update, or the previous before that... 4 weeks ago i think.

Not sure if this is helpful but was having the same issue today.  


I noticed whenever I added files to the "Local Files" section of the desktop version, my mobile would tell me it was downloading (supposedly the new files) but nowhere in the playlists can Local Files be found.  There isn't an "Available Offline" button in the Local Files section of the desktop version either.  😞


My workaround is creating a new playlist on desktop called "Local" or "PleaseSpotifyFixLocalFiles" and then adding the files from Local Files to this new playlist - drag them in.  


Then I make this new playlist available offline / download on mobile.  It might be taking up extra space on my phone but at this point I don't care.  I just want my local files.  


Hopefully this will be fixed but this is the only way I've found to get them on there. 


Obviously if you have a ton of local music it may try to download twice (in the ghost Local Files playlist and in the workaround playlist you create here in my suggestion.)  


Oh yeah, in the device setting on desktop, I choose to not sync the Local Files playlist then since it can't be found - so maybe it doesn't sync it twice now.  


Back to work/music...  


Good luck everyone...  

This is an older post.  Had more trouble with syncing local files.  


Here is an update:


Stupid firewalls.  🙂  

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