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Spotify doesn't link to Facebook

Spotify doesn't link to Facebook

as written in the title, my spotify account 'giommariacarboni' doesn't link to my Facebook profile. It asks me for permissions but at last it does not connect the two profiles.
3 Replies

Hello @giommaria Welcome to the Community! 🙂


Have you tried to log out and back into the app?

Hi @jean3601, thank you!
Yes, of course I've tried, but it seems to don't work. I've tried also to disconnect my Spotify account from Facebook's apps settings and link them again, but the process stops after I've logged-in in my Facebook account.



It sounds to me as if you have two accounts, a spotify account and a spotify account made using your facebook account?


if this is the case follow this tutorial to delete the account made with facebook:



I hope this helped! 🙂

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