Spotify doesn't play next song when streaming with Normal Quality


Spotify doesn't play next song when streaming with Normal Quality

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After the last update i did, suddenly spotify stopped playing the next song. I've been playing with my settings and it appears that the one setting that has consistently triggered this bug is when i have the Streaming Quality set to Normal. The behaviour it then shows:
- When spotify is in background mode, when the current song ends, the music stops. When i go to Spotify again, just in that moment it switches to the next song, the progress bar indicates the music is playing, but there is no sound. When i go back to the previous track and immediately forward again (to the track that i couldn't hear), then i get audio.
- When i'm in the app i can see that it goes to the next track after the current one has ended, but as in the previuos case, without audio. Going back and forth also helps in this case.
In both cases going back and forth only solves it for the current song. When that ends, i have to repeat the trick. Very annoying!

Although there's a clear workaround - setting the quality to High - i'm not happy with this as it has  consequences for my data bundle (and i'm already paying more than enough for the spotify app)
Please fix this bug with hight priority.

(p.s. i have a samsung galaxy s2)

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This also happens with the last Mac version of Spotify


I have the same problem with a Samsung Galaxy S2! (just as you)

I have never the problem when playing from my computer.

When I look at my phone it oftens says "Spotify offline" despite it has coverage from both wifi and/or cellular network.

If I play songs that are downloaded, the same problem appears despite the songs are downloaded to my phone.....

Please fix this annoying bug Spotify!


I just noticed that unchecking 'Gapless Playback' in preferences resolves the issue for Spotify on the Mac.

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Try changing to High, playing a few tracks and reverting to Normal again - Does that let you play tracks continuously?
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I am having the exact same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Every time it goes to the next track there is no audio. Tried downloading the playlists and changing it to offline mode. It helps some days and other days it does the same thing. I mean if the songs are downloaded to my device why are we having this issue. I will try changing the quality and get rid of the gapless playback. I have been having this issue for a few months now and i am getting tired of paying for this service if every time it changes tracks the music stops are the music stops in the middle of a song. This is getting really annoying. Please fix spotify!

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Hi. What versions of android and spotify are you running? Have you tried reinstalling the app to see if that fixes things?

Worked for my Sony Xperia z5 compact to. Unchecked "Gapless Playback", and then no issue :).

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Same problem with my s3. Tapping pause, play will start next song, but I use spotify while driving, so I don't like having to take my eyes off the road just to remind the app to continue to do its job.

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Tried turning off the gapless playback. No effect.

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Pay good money for audio i'm not hearing so sort it out spotify I thought the beauty of spotify was you could just let it play not have to stand by my phone all the time


I have premium account, downloaded playlist for offline play, have tried everything in the forums with no success. Really a pain...

What only fixed the issue for me was downloading "spotify-4-4-0-991-multi-android.apk" (it's a beta for my surprise)

Remember to enable Install Unknown Sources in the Security Options to enable install apps not from PlayStore.
And also to disable automatic updates from Play Store app.

I hope they fix this soon.

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I am having somewhat similar issue 

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Same problem here, but playing music in "extreme quality" on Android. Spotify won't skip to next song at the end.