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Spotify files are not playable


Spotify files are not playable

Hello, so I have Spotify premium and downloaded more or less 2000 songs to be playable offline on my phone. These files are stored on my external sd-card, and I only use Spotify on my phone. Recently, all my offline songs I had downloaded were desynchronised, but the files are still on my SD card! So even if the SD card is half full with Spotify files, I cannot play my songs without using the internet. I am not in country where I have wifi access either, so it's rather annoying. Does someone know, how I could get this back to normal, without having to download all my songs again? This would be really helpful! Thank a lot for evert help
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Re: Spotify files are not playable

I also need help with this.

This exact thing happened to me a day or two ago, it gave me the error 'cant have offline tracks on more than 3 devices' even though when I checked my account there was only 3 offline devices anyway. I removed one just to try but still nothing.

I'm still abroad and would like to somehow relink these without redownloading, very frustrating..