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Spotify gets crazy: pauses, changes track every 5 seconds, even plays when the app is closed.

Spotify gets crazy: pauses, changes track every 5 seconds, even plays when the app is closed.

I'm using Spotify on my Android phone. I've had premium for a while now and never before had any problems, but in the past couple of months Spotify has gotten more and more crazy. It stopst the song I'm listening to with no reason, or starts to switch from song to song really fast. It also keeps increasing the volume on its own..?! Sometimes it feels like it reacts to movement - works ok if I sit still, but goes crazy if I walk. (Could this have something to do with my headphones? Feels stupid, but the problems started at the same time I got new headphones from Koss.)

I've tried a clean install, I've logged in and out, removed the app (and lost all my saved music by doing so, by the way) and downloaded it again but the problems remain.

I'm really getting tired of paying for a product I can't use. What can I do?

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Hi. If these thongss only happen when the Koss headphones are connected, then most likeley it's a problem with the headphones or (if they are wired) the headphone socket on your phone. Do you get these issues if you use a different music app? What about if you use different earphones?

What device, android version and spotify version are you using and which Koss model?

I have the same exact issue! I thought maybe it was my phone, but only spotify does it. And I'm not sure if it's because of my headphones, I haven't listened without them.

I thought it was Wi-Fi connection at first but that wouldn’t cause skipping a song in exactly 10 seconds intervals, that’s also too odd to be caused just by headphones because what headphones allow you to skip 10 sec of a song? I mean not mine. For me it happened after updating to 15.4 iOS version and I think it might be something wrong with iOS+generic iPhone headphones combo because this whole thing came also with Siri turning itself on without no particular reason and all of this happens only when the headphones are attached. Funny issue but extremely annoying.

Hi, I have the same issue, did someone find a solution ?


Hi @Lukas2412,


Welcome to the Community.


Could you tell us if this happens when logging in with other devices?


On another note, we suggest that you log in with another account (if possible) and check if the issue persists. 

Lastly (if it persists), we recommend that you log out everywhere. You'll find this option by scrolling down here. Afterwards, reinstall the app on your device (you'll need to download your tunes again). Once this process is completed, restart your device before launching Spotify again.


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I have the same issue, its literally fighting with me... It skips alone so i skip back and it just keeps skipping, pausing,playing and driving me nuts.

Hey @Guy101918,


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared.


In this case, we'd like to gather some additional info. Would you mind letting us know the make/model and OS of the affected device, along with the Spotify version you're running there?


On another note, would you mind sharing with us if perhaps you've already tried some troubleshooting steps? If you haven't yet, you can start by reinstalling the app to check if you notice any difference. You can find the steps to do it here.


Lastly, did you notice if this started to happen after a specific event such as an OS update? If yes, please send us the details.

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