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Spotify is driving me bonker! Annoying bug

Spotify is driving me bonker! Annoying bug


I've been using Spotify for a while now but regularly come across a bug that drives me totaly nuts :

I have a LOT of album saved into my account. I only sync a few of these albums at a time on ONE android device (the bug happened on TWO different phones, but I have only one in my account)

From time to time Spotify will start to forget the recently added albums and followed artists and will show all albums as not synced while files still occupy space on the phone. It's driving me nuts, it happens very often and go away only if I remove a lot of albums from my collection.

I know there's a limit of 3333 songs somewhere but I never sync that much or is that the total amout of songs you can have on your account?

I'm seriously thinking of leaving Spotify because of this.



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The 3,333 songs is the total amount of offline tracks you can have. My library extends well past that, I just can't have the majority off it offline. Songs will eventually expire if they've been offline too long, but that would require not syncing your device for over a month. Your issue  doesn't sound like the any of the others with offline playlists, so I'd recomend contacting support and seeing if they can help. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Thx anyway, I'll try to contact them ASAP.

Can you try a clean install using the guide linked in my signature?

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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I did a full clean install when I changed phone earlier this year, it changes nothing to my problem.

I'm back again with this bug. It happened 3 times in 2 days : I added a few albums from a band via the Android app yesterday morning (it was on 4G network), synced a few of them, all worked fine.

I go take the subway, so the network is unreachable for 20 minutes and when I go back up again, 4G come up, the saved albums are gone and unsynced!

So I resave them, resynced them, they seem to stay that way for the day. but when I launched Spotify in the evening, unsaved, and unsynced again.

I resave them again, resynced (all using 4G), go home, and this morning they were gone AGAIN!


Spotify support is worthless with this, they just throw premade solutions at me that doesn't solve anything.


Sometime the problem is worse, like all saved albums disapear form my account, I usualy delog/relog and it's fine but all albums are desynced while leaving their files behind. Sometimes it's like I explained, manageable but very annoying!

I just don't know what to do anymore, it's like everytime I lose network access and get it back it resync an old backup of my account without the last added/synced albums...

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