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Spotify is unable to play an album or a playlist correctly

Spotify is unable to play an album or a playlist correctly







Nexus 6p


Operating System

Android 8.1.0


My Question or Issue

This is the same on all my desktop and mobile devices. Spotify seems completely unable to clear its memory of irrelevant tracks when I click the Play button next to the first track of an album or a playlist. I selected the album or the playlist in order to play that album or playlist and not a song I listened to 50 songs ago yesterday. Yet, this is what happens. Randomly it will insert an irrelevant song.


Shuffle and autoplay is off.


If I wanted to queue, I'd queue the album. But I press Play, to play the album or playlist.


When will this be fixed?


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Hey @Photon123.


Thanks for posting about this in the Community.


Is there any particular pattern to the behaviour you're seeing? For example:

  • Does this only happen on startup?
  • Does this happen when playing any song in an album/playlist, or just the first song?
  • Do you recognise that is played instead of the song that you click play on?

Once we have that info, we'll know what to suggest next 🙂


Keep us posted!

1. No, it happens whenever I play something and then I want to play something else.

2. Any song

3. The song I tap/click Play on is played, then come songs from whatever album or playlist I played before, then comes the song after the one I clicked Play on.


The pattern I use is that I search for an artist and scroll down to an album, and tap/click Play on the first track, or select a playlist and tap/click Play. 


My workaround is to start playing the track, then go into the queue and remove tracks one by one, but... I want to switch what I'm listening to and not have to do that. Why would anyone want any old songs playing when they switch album/playlist? 🙂

This happens on Mac and Android, latest versions when I wrote the post.

I have the same issue. I have not been able to determine a pattern. If I'm listening to a station or playlist, and attempt to play an album, the first song plays, the other songs from the album are dropped to the bottom of the queue. After the first song of the album completes, it resumes the previous queue. Screencap of issue attached. 


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