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Spotify keeps crashing on smasung s8plus

Spotify keeps crashing on smasung s8plus

Hi all


I recently left Google play music to join Spotify I really wish I hadn't as I'm having nothing but problems. First of all the phone I have is a Samsung s8plus. I have allowed all permissions reinstalled the app cleared the cache etc. The first issue is the app will crash after about 2 songs will stop playing halfway through a song. These songs have been downloaded so it's not like they are buffering or loading it happens in offline mode aswell. I have to close the app and load up again. I have a music bar on my home screen this also freezes on a song which I then can't see what song is on nor can I change the song without opening the app up. Lastly when I clear all apps my music app stops playing I know it's not a massive issue as I can just not clear them all. But just a habit of clearing and seeing as I could do it woth Google play I'm wondering of there's anything I can do so it doesn't. If anyone can help me with the crashing will be much appreciated otherwise I think I'm going to have to go back to Google play 😖


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Hey @Aaron101207,

Could we first get you to:

  • try a reinstall of the app?
  • check the device for software updates?

If things still don’t look right, let us know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system that you're running.



Hey there,


Sorry to hear you're having this issue as well. It's being addressed here, so please go add your voice and give the idea a vote. Good luck!


I have reinstalled the app that didn't work.

The version of Spotify is armV7

My operating system for my Samsung s8plus is nougat.

Many thanks


Hey @Aaron101207.


Thanks for providing that info 🙂


Would you mind following the link provided by @forcedrevival above and posting the info there too? That way, we have all the required info in one place.


Thanks in advance,



Never happened to me

It is happening right now after latest Spotify app update (3 hours ago). Samsung S8+ latest OS patches 

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