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Spotify keeps deleting my downloads

Spotify keeps deleting my downloads







Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Operating System

Android 7.1.2


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I've checked out other posts on this same issue but nothing seems to resolve it.

Basically, my Android device won't keep the downloads it has. It'll download while I'm in the app and it will say it's completed, but once I exit and check out another app, the downloads just disappear and start re-downloading. That or I get a lot of errors that aren't right like not having space or having too many offline devices (even though I have 40 gb of space and I haven't reached the limit yet). I've re-downloaded Spotify, deleted my Cache, formatted my SD card, removed and re-synced all my Offline Devices, and I still can't manage to download songs onto my Android phone. Like I said, I haven't reached the 3,333 song limit (I'm sure as I checked the number of downloads I had going on) and I'm just totally lost on what to do.


I have three offline devices but I removed the Android one and it still isn't doing anything no matter how many times I repeat this process. Any help would be really useful.


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Hey @_laciela.


Sorry to hear your downloads are being removed every time. In this case, I suggest checking the "Downloads unexpectedly removed" section of this support page. They should help with this.


All the best.

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