Spotify keeps deleting my saved playlists

Spotify keeps deleting my saved playlists

This is getting too stupid. Everytime I now go onto spotify, my entire playlists are all deleted. So I have to keep going into the support page say recover and let everything re download so I can play it without my data on. This needs to be fixed asap. Or I'm deleting the app and unsubscribing to the premium.
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Hey there @skeletor153 and welcome to the community!


This doesn't sound right. Can you give more details on what OS you use and which version of Spotify are you in? Does it happen to all devices?


Let me know 🙂



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I am having this problem too. Deletes all my playlists and adds two random playlists with their titles as random emoticons. Does it from my account or something so every device is effected. Samsung galaxy s3 and dell venue 8 pro tablet. Plus an alienware x51 pc. Both pcs running windows 10.


Hey @Bionuke that sounds like someone else has access to your account. Go to your account page and change the password, Then cick "sign out everywhere" from the account overview page. Hopefully that should fix things, You can recover your playlists there too.

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