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Spotify keeps disconnecting from speakers

Spotify keeps disconnecting from speakers






Samsung Galaxy S8+



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Spotify randomly disconnects from Wifi Speakers or pauses at random intervals, sometimes every 30 seconds, sometimes once every 5 hours -- Samsung R1 Speaker via Samsung Multiroom App. 

Sometimes I have to reconnect to my speakers, sometimes I just have to tap Play again, sometimes Spotify goes offline and quickly comes back online (internet connection is stable; average 217Mbps download speed).

When playing music directly through my phone or via bluetooth speakers/headphones, there is no problem.


I have tried to find the problem by testing with different Wifi speakers, different phones, different internet provider, connecting directly to my router and through an extender, however the problem still occurs.

I have logged out of all devices and logged back in through both Facebook and using my Username. I have turned off all power saving options, and checked Spotify isn't being blocked by a Firewall.

I have cleared the cache and all data, uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify. I have reset my phone, my speakers, and my internet.


If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance.

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