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Spotify keeps rebooting when changing songs

Spotify keeps rebooting when changing songs






Acer Iconia A3-A20

Operating System

Android Kitkat 4.4.2


My Question or Issue

At least when playing music in playlist mode, Spotify restarts after a few song changes (swipes). Music stops, green spotify-logo appears on the middle of the screen and after a bit of lagging the app starts from the scratch. Same happens with many of the same model units. No other apps on the background. Yes, this is a very old model and pretty low-end but otherwise perfect for music use. Older versions worked fine, not sure when this problem occured since haven't updated for a while, now had enough of update nags. Maybe Spotify is not optimized for 1GB RAM anymore, as it should..?

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Hello @Nixeri ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Since new and latest versions of android are of majority presence in the android community, I think it's safe to say applications that are meant to work with the same are better optimised and suited for the newer versions. I would suggest that you use a previous version of Spotify, one that supports Android KitKat or consider flashing your phone with a custom android OS or better, upgrade to a new device.


Let me know if you need any help!


Yes, using older version kinda helps but since Spotify has not dropped support officially for kitkat, and takes down apks from legit mirror sites for copyright reason, one could assume that current version is still usable with older devices too. And it's never the best idea to install random old version apk from random site for old device with security patches from years ago. Play Store would be better.


In my case there is no good up-to-date custom rom because of Mediatek.


Optimization is one thing, but rendering software unusable because of "new", is not nice. 1GB of RAM for Android, even kitkat, is pretty low but Spotify only needs to play music (with nice visuals and album art thou). I listened music with album arts on my Pentium 75Mhz and 16MB RAM without issues in the year 1998. I know i know, it's not the same but....


And it used to work, not many versions ago if i'm correct. Now using with this device just to be sure, and it seems to work great. And while typing this on Chrome also.

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