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Spotify lagging badly

Spotify lagging badly


after 3 years using Spotify, the lag becomes worse with every update.

On all my smartphones (HTC Desire 500, Xperia Z2, Xperia X Compact), Spotify was slow, especially when in Online Mode, but right now, it is almost impossible to use.

Downloading songs takes so much time because I have to restart the app several times before it does anything. Streaming music is not fun at all because it always lags. Even just loading albums/playlists takes minutes from time to time.

The only thing that really works is playing music in Offline Mode. The problem is that I have to download something in order to use Offline Mode...


It is just annoying. With every update, I hope the Android developers might fix it, but since 3 years, it just became worse. I doubt there is a solution, I just want to know if anyone is experiencing the same problems.

If it does not get better, I will be forced to use another music app as Spotify simply becomes unusable.



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