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Spotify logout after reboot

Spotify logout after reboot



I've a problem with Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" device. After I reboot my device it's signed out when I open Spotify. When I logout all my (offline) downloads are 'gone'. When I try to redownload them they'll go to my internal storage instead of my SD-card. It only works fine when I reinstall Spotify on my device. 


The weird thing is that it only occures when:

- I'm offline / have no WiFi

- SD Card is insert

- Reboot the device (or boot it when it wass off)

(FYI: only when the three of them are combined)


I've tried:

- If it occures when the downloads are installed on my internal storage (answer: no it doesn't)

- If it occures when I remove Spotify from my temporary storage (RAM) and after a forced stop (anwer: yes it does)

- If it occures after I reinstall Spotify (answer: yes it does)

- To buy and place a new SD card (both 32GB, class 10, A-brands)


In the past it worked fine. I don't know after what moment it didn't work anymore. I've tried to delete apps I've installed after it didn't work anymore, but unfortunately it had no result. 


I don't want to do a factory reset because I've customized the ROM after a root. 



Sorry for my bad English. English isn't my native language. 


Do you guys have any idea? Thanks in advance!





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