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Spotify lose Internet on Android, but not on PC. Same WiFi.

Spotify lose Internet on Android, but not on PC. Same WiFi.

Hi, my fellow Spotifyans!


I have a slight problem with my WiFi and Spotify on Android.

I have done some research and found other threads with similar content, however I believe the problem of mine differs slightly.


In short:

Spotify (PC) + home WiFi = OK

Spotify (app. Ver. and + home WiFi = Not OK (Internet works on other apps)

Spotify (app. Ver. and + other WiFi = OK



In long(er):

Spotify stops playing after a few seconds on Android (phone and tablet) when connected to my home WiFi. The app says "No Internet connection available" and (after reinstallation) I can't access my playlists ("Playlist is not available") (due to the fact that Spotify can't access Internet), but when I use my browser, or anything else, the Internet works fine.

Also, Spotify on my PC works fine when connected to the same home WiFi.

But if I change WiFi, on phone or tablet, Spotify works again.

This certainly makes it look like the problem is between the Spotify app and my WiFi.



Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005

Android ver.: 5.0



Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" SM-P900

Android ver.: 4.4.2



Asus RT-N66U

Firmware ver.: (current)

Firmware ver.: (previous)



Actions tried hitherto:

reinstallation (of up to date app and older version), delete Spotify cache (also in combination with reinstallation of up to date app and older version), upgrading firmware on router, restarting router/phone/tablet, return router to factory settings, changing WiFi sleep settings on phone/tablet/router (beacon interval, APSD and DTIM), changing Spotify sound quality/gapless playback/offline mode, static IP-adresses, DHCP, forwarding port 4070, deactivating router firewall.


Edit: Changed firmware on router to Merlin and this seemed to do the trick.



Please do respond if there is anything that I may have missed or if you have a suggestion for how to help with this issue 🙂

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