Spotify make phone crash/freeze even not using Spotify


Spotify make phone crash/freeze even not using Spotify







Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (3gb RAM & 32gb storage)

Operating System

Android 9 Pie, Android One, November security update already installed

My Question or Issue

Started using Spotify first week of november. Since then Spotify made the phone crash. 


At first installed the app on the phone, it freezes almost every day one time, willing to use Spotify from the smartphone or not. It just don't come back from stand-by mode pushing on/off button or if it wake from that it don't open any app I try to run, sometines the issue shows when I got a call wich I can not answer because it rings but it don't allow me to answer it. It only come back working if I restart the phone.


It don't matter if I have wifi or data plan connection, tried already with two different phone carriers.


The phone work as usual if I don't have the Spotify app installed so I can confirm that the problem is on Spotify app. Tried to use the phone without having Spotify app installed for 5 days and it work as it has to, no chashes or freezings.


Tried typical resolution (soft reset, hard reset, cleaning cache...) and it do the same, almost one time a day. Either setting up intelligent battery to don't optimize battery use in that app solved anything.

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