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Spotify mirroring issue with Jaguar InControl

Spotify mirroring issue with Jaguar InControl

I recently upgraded to a Pixel 2, and now Spotify no longer mirrors properly on my 2017 Jaguar Fpace touchscreen Incontrol app.  When I select Spotify on my touchscreen, instead of mirroring to the screen, Spotify displays on the phone with a skewed aspect ratio.  It's impossible to control Spotify while driving.


It appears to be an issue with Android 8.1.  I've contacted the Jag app team and they've informed me that they've updated their app to work with 8.1, but they're waiting for their partners to catch up.  This would then suggest that Spotify needs a patch.


Please release a patch to fix the mirroring issue so that Jaguar users can once again enjoy Spotify during their drives.

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Same here, exactly the same problem with my 2017 XE. Appears to have happened since a recent Android update, was working fine about a week ago. I have the Nokia 8 with Android version 8.1.0. it's probably a case that both the Jaguar InControl and Spotify apps need to be updated. Support calls will be going to both parties very soon.

Thanks for confirming that I'm not the only one experiencing the issue.


I hope more Jag owners share their experience and report the issue and apply pressure to Spotify, Google and Jag to fix the various issues introduced with Oreo.

Does anyone on the Spotify team know when this will be fixed?

When is the fix coming?

I updated to the latest Spotify pushed a few days ago on the play store.  I was hoping it would fix the bug, but nope the issue still exists.  Can anyone from Spotify acknowledge that it's a known issue and it's being worked on?

Two more Spotify app updates since my last post and still the same issue.  Hello Spotify, is anyone out there?

Another update this morning, and still no fix for the mirroring issue.

I received an update from Jaguar that Spotify is aware of the issue and working on a fix, unfortuantely no timeline to share, so we'll just have to be patient.  At least now we know it's being worked on.

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