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Spotify on Android closes after a second on Xperia XZ1

Spotify on Android closes after a second on Xperia XZ1

I´m using the Android app of Spotify on my new phone Xperia XZ1.

Since the latest upgrade the app open and in one second it closes

Spotify is still running if I view all running apps.


I have tried:

- Delete data

- Clear cache 

- Uninstall app - Spotify is not possible to uninstall completely since it´s included by default by Sony.


I have logged out from all other devices 

I have deleted all my own playlists 

I have stoped to follow other playlists.





9 Replies

Same problem. Sony ZX Premium
Tried all sort of things, nothing work.

Same here, no luck with any "fix"! 

Same issue. For me problem started when I played with Google Assistant. If I switch to different Spotify account, it works again (!!!)


Sony Xperia Compact (F5321), Nogat 7.1.1, Build 34.3.A.0.252


Reported it here:





I think it is the two latest updates of Spotify that causes the problem, if I remove Spotify to the default version and log in to it, it works but when the app is updated to latest version it crasches again 😕



Actually, for me it started working again, with the latest version (3 Jan). For now, I'm happy.

I posted a issue to Spotifys support, lets see what they answer.

Works for me again. Same spotfy version. Only change is that I installed a Google Home Mini, and after used it to play spotify on chromecast - the Android app works again.





Got same problem also on my Sony Z5! Any solution?



We, I and Spotify support found a solution, the support was really helpful and patient with me 🙂

We tried a lot of things but in some way I had two account and free and a premium family account the simplest solution was to have Spotify to delete my account so I could create a new one and after that everything works perfect.



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