Spotify on Chromecast: Audio is not working.

Spotify on Chromecast: Audio is not working.

Hello everyone! I'm sorry about my English... I'm trying to play the Spotify on Chromecast... But after the last update, the sound is not working... The app is able to connect to Chromecast and the TV is showing the Spotify app, but the sound is not working. I tried to clean all APP data and reinstall, but not solved the problem. How can I solve this issue? Thank you!

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my gen 1 chromecast no sound ... please fix this ASAP...

I'm done with this issues trying to listen to spotify on my Chromecast. I'm moving on to another music app.

Same issue here. I'm using spotify premium on Iphone 6s with IOs 10.3.3.

spotify version:

chormecast firmware version: 1.26.92486

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