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Spotify on PC doesnt find my Android

Spotify on PC doesnt find my Android



When i try to sync my phone on the computer with spotify, spotify cant find my phone. Its an LG Optimus 3D FYI.
Now, im not trying to sync my playlists, but my local files. I have the latest version, my PC is on a Wire and my phone is on Wireless, but same network. Anyone know the issue?

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I have the same problem. The help pages say that the PC should be on WIFI as well.. Still it does not seem to help.




There should be no need for the pc to be on wifi - just on the same network as the phone.

Try rebooting your phone and restarting spotify on the desktop. If that doesn't help try a logoff and logon on both.
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This issue started for me yesterday . Before it was fine I have tried all the methods mentioned but its still not picking my device up.. Some help would be appreciated

Tried these? Troubleshooting connection issues


Also, if it was working fine not too long ago, have a think about what changed. Did you install some kind of anti-virus or firewall software?

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I have followed the instructions in troubleshooting to the letter and .. it all works fine now::)). So far well pleased. It seems to have solved the "disapearing tracks" problem as well ::)


I hope it will not cause me touble again as reinstalling is hardly a good solution and we should not have to do it all the time..



Thank you very much!! It works ace now!! Thanks from London

That's great to hear. Was it just the reinstalling that resolved it?

Community Ergo Sum

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